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Trade on the ES. Jul-10-2024.

Trading the ES Futures

Current market conditions for July 10th are pointing to clues of higher gains.

Trade on the ES. 
Long Trade on the ES this morning. Held for about 60 Minutes stopped out with the trailing stop as the market did continue higher. Will be looking add longs later. $425 per contract profit.

Current market conditions for July 10th are pointing to clues of higher gains. Watching and waiting for a minor correction to move higher.

Want to trade?

If you would like to learn to trade for yourself as a professional, there is only one of two mentors I would suggest and his name Neerav Yadav and he is verified as one of the best traders in the world. Some of the largest banks and firms seek his knowledge as he verifies over a 80% win rate on average and I have personally seen weekly forecast hit 95% – 100% of the trades called the previous week. If you know anything about trading these numbers are for the 2%’ers.


50 Eyes Market Analysis

Forecast Accuracy – 50 Eyes Market Analysis

80% plus consistent Forecast Accuracy for five years and counting.

Est. reading time

2 minutes


50 Eyes Market Analysis

Elliott Wave Basics – Refresher Course – 50 Eyes Market Analysis

Selected 14 lectures from my flagship Elliott Wave Course : “The Complete Guide to Professional Trading with Elliott Wave”, made available exclusively for the readers of “Think with the Markets.” Note : For best experience, use Google Chrome on a computer.

Est. reading time

1 minute



50 Eyes Market Analysis

Neerav Yadav is a Futures trader who is in the markets since 2014 and trades primarily in Energy Futures, Gold, Indices etc. His strength lies in his detailed and practical knowledge of Elliott Wave and Price Action.

He is also the founder and chief analyst of “50 Eyes Market Analysis” where he helps serious traders in his personal capacity as well as via his detailed video reports and articles published on his blog and other websites like Youtube and FXStreet.

He has been keeping a public record of his analysis and for 6 years his accuracy in predicting the market remains higher than 80%, which beats all industry standards. The record of his forecasts is publicly available and can be checked… Show






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