When Haters Hijack History

Authored by Ned Barnett via AmericanThinker.com,

Is anything and everything related to the Confederacy be wiped from the face of the earth?  Doing so, these radicals risk losing sight of American history.

True, there were some Confederates who were virulent racists.  Nathan Bedford Forrest, an untutored cavalry genius and perhaps the best cavalry leader of the war, was a former slave trader. He was so lost to hatred that he massacred black Union soldiers he’d captured at Fort Pillow.  After the war, he founded the KKK.  Anybody who still honors Forrest for his exceptional war-fighting ability is either psychotic or ignorant.

However, there were other Confederates who cared nothing for slavery, including General Robert E. Lee, the focus of the Charlottesville brouhaha. At the start of the war, President Lincoln – clearly no friend of slavery – offered Lee – the pre-eminent soldier of his generation – the command of the entire Union Army.  Lee, who in early 1861 had opposed the creation of the Confederacy, graciously refused his President’s request, not because he supported slavery – he didn’t – but because he would not fight against his home state.  He told Presidential advisor Francis P. Blair:

“I look upon secession as anarchy. If I owned the four millions of slaves in the south I would sacrifice them all to the Union [here, Lee did not mean “human sacrifice,” but instead freedom for those four million slaves]. But how can I draw my sword upon Virginia, my native state?”

Late in the war, Lee strongly advocated to Jefferson Davis – as well as to individual slave-holders – that slaves should be freed on the condition that they enlist in and fight for the Confederacy.

Lee and his immediate family opposed slavery.  His wife and mother-in-law were active in a pre-war Christian Southern movement to liberate slaves, relocating them to Liberia.  Lee’s wife and daughter set up an illegal school for slaves at Arlington Plantation, teaching them to read the bible.  On December 27, 1856, Lee wrote to his wife Mary Anna Lee:

“… In this enlightened age, there are few I believe, but what will acknowledge, that slavery as an institution, is a moral & political evil in any Country. It is useless to expatiate on its disadvantages.”

In 1862, Lee freed the remainder of the family’s slaves, many of whom were direct descendents of slaves owned by the adopted grandson of President George Washington.

Despite this, it would be inaccurate to view Lee as an active abolitionist. Like many Christian Southerners of his class and station, he felt slavery was a moral wrong, one that God would sort out in His own time.  Lee had other priorities.  Yet despite his willingness to free his family’s slaves, as well as to free and enlist slaves into his Army, and despite his post-war support of civil rights for blacks, far-left radical racists still want to banish Lee from America.

Where does this hijacking of American history take us?

Statue of a Confederate soldier toppled by a mob in Durham, NC

The far-right racist Nazis and Klukkers want to enshrine their spiritual father, Nathan Bedford Forrest as a hero for his undoubted gifts as a cavalry leader – as well as for founding the KKK.  Fortunately, no matter how many violent rallies they hold, this will never happen.  They will not succeed.

However, the far-left racists from Black Lives Matter have enough media credibility to push for more dramatic changes, and they’ve already begun to succeed.  Having triumphed over Confederate heroes and symbols, they are now targeting our twelve slaveholding Presidents.  Those Presidents whose honors are – or will soon be – on the chopping block include:

  • George Washington, who in his will freed all his slaves

  • Thomas Jefferson, who actively opposed slavery and freed some slaves in his will

  • James Madison, who did not free his slaves or actively oppose slavery

  • James Monroe actively opposed slavery and supported the creation of Liberia, a homeland in Africa for freed slaves – its capital, Monrovia, is named for him

  • Andrew Jackson, who owned slaves and may have been a slave trader, never freed any slaves

  • Martin Van Buren’s father owned six slaves. The President owned one slave, Tom who escaped to the north, and – after Tom was caught – Van Buren insisted he remain free.  Politically, Van Buren opposed the expansion of slavery to western territories

  • William Henry Harrison inherited several slaves and lobbied to extend slavery to Indiana – this was opposed by slave-holding President Thomas Jefferson

  • John Tyler considered slavery evil, but he owned slaves and did not free them

  • James K. Polk owned slaves – his will would have freed them, but Lincoln ended slavery before Polk’s will could be executed

  • Zachary Taylor owned slaves but resisted the expansion of slavery into the territories – he may have been poisoned by slavery advocates

  • Andrew Johnson owned a few slaves and successfully pushed Lincoln to exempt Tennessee from the Emancipation Proclamation

  • Ulysses S. Grant’s wife inherited a few slaves, and Grant owned one slave for two years – yet despite crushing financial need, Grant freed that one slave in 1859. During the war, he enlisted slaves into his army and paid them for their service; after the war, he pushed for civil rights for former slaves, and for American Indians

Using the far-left Black Lives Matter movement’s flawed logic, our nation’s capital – along with one of our states – will have to change their names. 

The monument built to honor our first President will have to be torn down.  Yes, President Washington despised slavery and wrote often of his desire to abolish it, but obviously, that isn’t enough.  Joining President Washington’s “dethroning” will have to be President Jefferson. Will we have to abandon the Declaration of Independence, which he wrote?  Clearly, Monticello must be torn down, while the University of Virginia in Charlottesville will have to renounce its founder.  Ultimately, all twelve slave-owning Presidents will find their statues ripped down, their names banished from public property, and their real merits lost to history.

While nobody with any sense can find any logic in the far-right racist groups like the Nazis or the Klukkers, Black Lives Matters’ media power – and the fear many have of being labeled a racist for opposing them – will continue to give haters on the far left the power to rewrite American history.

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Lord Rothschild: “Share Prices Are At Unprecedented Levels, This Is Not A Time To Add Risk”

One year ago, the financial world was abuzz when the bond manager of what was once the world’s biggest bond fund had a dire prediction about how “all of this” will end (spoiler: not well).

Gross: Global yields lowest in 500 years of recorded history. $10 trillion of neg. rate bonds. This is a supernova that will explode one day

— Janus Henderson U.S. (@JHIAdvisorsUS) June 9, 2016

Two months later, it was the turn of another financial icon – if from a vastly different legacy and pedigree – that of Rothschild Investment Trust Chairman himself, Lord Jacob Rothschild, who echoed Bill Gross with an unexpectedly gloomy warning in his 2016 half-year financial report, saying that central bankers are continuing “what is surely the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world. We are therefore in uncharted waters and it is impossible to predict the unintended consequences of very low interest rates, with some 30% of global government debt at negative yields, combined with quantitative easing on a massive scale.

His outlook was just as gloomy: “the geo-political situation has deteriorated with the UK having voted to leave the European Union, the presidential election in the US  in November is likely to be unusually fraught, while the situation in China remains opaque and the slowing down of economic growth will surely lead to problems. Conflict in the Middle East continues and is unlikely to be resolved for many years. We have already felt the consequences of this in France, Germany and the USA in terrorist attacks.”

One year later, the scion of the most (in)famous name in all of finance, is back and in his latest letter to RIT Capital Partners investors,  Lord Jacob Rotschild has released what is perhaps his gloomiest outlook ever; here are the highlights:

We do not believe this is an appropriate time to add to
risk. Share prices have in many cases risen to
unprecedented levels at a time when economic growth is
by no means assured. The S&P is selling at 25 times
trailing 12 months’ earnings, compared to a long-term
average of 15
, while the adjusted Shiller price earnings
ratio, which averages profits over 10 years, is
approximately 30 times.  


The period of monetary
accommodation may well be coming to an end.
Geopolitical problems remain widespread and are proving
increasingly difficult to resolve. We therefore retain a
moderate exposure to equity markets and have
diversified our asset allocation towards equity
investments where value creation is driven by some
identifiable catalyst or which are exposed to longer-term
positive structural trends.

Furthermore, Rothschild continued the shift away from US capital markets exposure announced one year ago, noting that “we have a particular interest in investments which will benefit from the impact of new technologies, and Far Eastern markets, influenced by the growing demand from Asian consumers.” What is surprising is how aggressively Rothschild has cut its allocation to US-denominated assets in just the past 6 months.

Not surprisingly, RIT’s investment portfolio continues do quite well, and has now returned over 2,200% since inception

Below is a snapshot of where every hedge fund wants to end up: the Rothschild investment portfolio.

Finally, for all those wondering where the Rothschild family fortune is hiding, here is the answer.

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The post Lord Rothschild: “Share Prices Are At Unprecedented Levels, This Is Not A Time To Add Risk” appeared first on Forex news forex trade.

‘Voice of reason’: Arab tweeps welcome Qatar’s Sheikh Abdullah as possible mediator to end rift with Doha

Sun, 2017-08-20 03:00

JEDDAH: Following a series of high-profile meetings with the Saudi leadership, which resulted in King Salman ordering the easing of border restrictions and offering to cover all costs for Qatari pilgrims who wish to embark on this year’s Hajj, the recently-launched Twitter account of Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al-Thani, a senior member of the Qatari royal family, became an instant hit among Arabs who voiced hope that he could achieve a full reconciliation between Doha and members of the Anti-Terror Quartet (ATQ), including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt.
Last night, Sheikh Abdullah used his first Twitter post to thank King Salman for ensuring that Qatari pilgrims can take part in this year’s Hajj.
Sheikh Abdullah is regarded as an influential mediator, both in Saudi Arabia and by scores the region, given that he is a member of the Qatari royal family. His grandfather was the third ruler of Qatar, Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassem Al-Thani, his father was the fourth ruler of Qatar, Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah Al-Thani, and his brother was the fifth ruler of Qatar, Sheikh Ahmed bin Ali Al-Thani.
Sheikh Abdullah also tweeted that he requested that King Salman establish a hotline for Qataris who wish to visit relatives in Saudi Arabia.
“The king, as usual, approved my request and ordered the allocation of a special operations room to handle Qatari affairs run by a Saudi crew under my supervision, in light of the severed ties (between the two countries).”
He went on to share the hotline number, saying: “The special operations room for (the) Qatari people — from pilgrims (to) visitors and business owners — (is) 00966122367999.”
He added: “I call on all my brothers in Qatar, and those in need, to contact the number and their matters will be solved, God willing.”
He later addressed rumors that Qatari currency would no longer be allowed in Saudi Arabia, saying: “I asked my brother, the governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), about the accuracy of the suspension of the Qatari Riyal exchange for Qatari citizens and (he) denied the news.”
Meanwhile, many other users suggested he is a “sheikh of wisdom, voice of reason and a mediator for good.”
Others, mainly media personalities linked to Doha, have been skeptical of Sheikh Abdullah’s efforts and sought to ridicule his role and say that he does not represent the Qatari people or government.
For his part, Sheikh Abdullah went on to explain the intentions behind his mediation efforts, saying that he is working for the benefit and comfort of the Qatari people.
“The descendant of the rulers came looking for the interests of the brotherly Qatari people after the politically-adolescent approach adopted by the government of Qatar,” said one Twitter user.
Earlier, the Saudi king approved a plan to re-open the Salwa border crossing between Saudi Arabia and Qatar and also approved the dispatch of a private aircraft from Saudia’s fleet to Doha to fly Qatari pilgrims to Jeddah.
Qatari pilgrims were also allowed to pass through the border crossing for Hajj without electronic permits.
It has been nearly three months since the Anti-Terror Quartet severed ties with Doha over accusations of its support for terror and meddling in the internal affairs of its neighbors. Many world leaders and top diplomats, including the emir of Kuwait, have tried mediating but none have been successful in ending the rift.

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The post ‘Voice of reason’: Arab tweeps welcome Qatar’s Sheikh Abdullah as possible mediator to end rift with Doha appeared first on Forex news forex trade.

Heads of KSRelief, UN meet to discuss aid work

Sun, 2017-08-20 03:00

NEW YORK: Adviser to the Royal Court and general supervisor of the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid (KSRelief), Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, on Friday met with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on the sidelines of the World Humanitarian Day Conference 2017.
The Saudi ambassador to the UN, Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Muallami, also attended the meeting.
Al-Rabeeah stressed the Kingdom’s humanitarian role, represented by KSRelief, in crises worldwide.
The meeting explored efforts exerted in Yemen by KSRelief, which has implemented 101 projects for children covering food, health, nutrition, education, and social and health rehabilitation at a cost of $260 million, he said.
The meeting also discussed humanitarian and relief work, as well as cooperation and partnership between KSRelief and UN organizations.
Addressing the conference, Al-Rabeeah urged the international community to attach great importance to protecting humanitarian and relief workers, as well as beneficiaries of their services.
“We extend our deep thanks and appreciation to humanitarian workers and volunteers around the world, irrespective of their religious and racial differences,” he said.
He said support and finance to any individual, group or state for any form of violence or terror against innocent citizens or relief and humanitarian workers is considered a despicable act and a flagrant violation of international and humanitarian law.
“We have to exert maximum effort to safeguard the lives of relief workers and those receiving humanitarian and relief assistance.”

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Yemen FM affirms commitment to just, sustainable peace

Sun, 2017-08-20 03:00

NEW YORK: Yemeni Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Abdulmalik Al-Mikhlafi affirmed his government’s willingness to make concessions for a just and sustainable peace, which he said his people deserve.
“We have accepted all proposals made by the UN envoy to Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, and we will remain open to all ideas and proposals,” he told the UN Security Council.
But the international community should exert “pressure on the other parties to accept these proposals, to show sincere intentions and open minds to bring about peace through the table of consultations,” he added.
He renewed the support of Yemen’s internationally recognized government for efforts and proposals by the envoy, arrangements for the withdrawal of militias from Hodeidah province, and the formation of a committee of financial experts and economists to help find an appropriate and urgent mechanism to pay civil servants and deal with revenues in areas controlled by rebel forces.

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3.18m visas issued for domestic workers in 3 years

Author: ARAB NEWSSun, 2017-08-20 03:00ID: 1503174219426272400RIYADH: During the last three years, 3.18 million visas were issued for domestic workers, 35 percent of which were issued for Filipinos and Indians, Aleqtesadiyah newspaper reported…

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Health Ministry detects 23 cases of MERS

Sun, 2017-08-20 03:00

RIYADH: The Health Ministry recorded 23 cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Corona Virus (MERS) during the 25 days of the current hijri month of Dhul Qaada, local media reported.
The ministry recorded the most cases — 13 — in Dumat Al-Jandal in the northwest, followed by Jeddah with three cases, Riyadh with two, and the rest in other parts of the Kingdom including Khamis Mushayt, Madinah and Hail.
Eight cases were due to infection acquired from a health facility, 12 from direct contact with camels, and three are still under investigation.
Dr. Mohamed Abdel Rahman, an infection control consultant, advised people — particularly senior citizens — to take adequate precautions when visiting patients in hospital.
Between July 4 and Aug. 12, Saudi Arabia reported 26 cases of MERS.
Since June 2012, there have been 1,667 cases, including 680 deaths, in various parts of the Kingdom.
MERS is a viral respiratory disease that was first identified in Saudi Arabia in 2012.

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58 malaria cases registered among foreign pilgrims

Sun, 2017-08-20 03:00

RIYADH: The Ministry of Health announced on Friday that 58 cases of malaria have been detected among pilgrims from eight countries.
All 58 cases were reported among incoming pilgrims, as Hajj areas are free from malaria-carrying mosquitoes, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.
Of the number, 56 have been treated and two are still being treated in a hospital, the SPA added.
The ministry said that malaria is endemic in a number of Islamic countries, and the number of cases observed during Hajj varies from year to year depending on the activity of the disease in the countries where the pilgrims come from.
It added that in the epidemiological aspect, monitoring and investigation of malaria during the Hajj season are aimed at detecting cases as quickly as possible.
The ministry said this is being done through rapid screening methods and treating all cases by classification.
“The prevention of endemic diseases in Hajj areas depends on continuous insect monitoring and prevention of carrier return to these areas,” the ministry said.
It added that in the same context, public health teams visited the headquarters of pilgrimage missions with malaria infections among their pilgrims’. The purpose of the visit was to coordinate the evaluation and treatment of the mosquito-borne infectious disease at the pilgrim’s residence using rapid detection, and to provide full on-site service and coordination for the transfer of cases requiring intravenous medications to hospitals.

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Did Marco Rubio Just Say It’s OK To Beat People For Their Thoughts?

Authored by Shane Kastler via “The Narrow Road” blog,

In a truly “free” society, no one gets beaten up for their political views.  Laws cannot be passed against thoughts or symbols.  And mob violence is not allowed to rule the day.  But Florida Senator Marco Rubio, like most establishment political hacks, is not interested in a free society.  He’s interested in seizing power in any way possible.  And if that means excusing and encouraging mob violence, to achieve his political ends, then so be it.  While Rubio may rail against dictators, his statements sound eerily like the late Fidel Castro, and other tyrants like him.

Rubio’s statement came in the form of a series of tweets he posted in response to the Charlottesville circus.  Here are his exact words:

“When entire movement built on anger & hatred towards people different than you, it justifies & ultimately leads to violence against them.” 

While the trained seals who follow hucksters like Rubio will bark their approval for his “brave words”; those who love liberty will shudder at the true ramifications of what he is saying.  But let’s begin by trying to parse who exactly he is saying it about. 

Like a good political opportunist, he speaks in vague terms.  One might surmise that his reference to an “entire movement” is a shot at Donald Trump and his supporters.  Myriads of establishment politicians have accused Trump of “anger & hatred”; yet examples of this are never forthcoming, other than disagreements over something like immigration policy.  So, is Rubio saying it’s OK to physically attack any who belong to “the movement” that elected Trump?  And if so, then is Rubio also saying it’s OK to physically attack Trump? The supposed leader of this “movement?”  The political vagaries allow Rubio to deny this, and perhaps say that he is talking about white supremacists, neo-Nazis, or the KKK.  But even if he is talking about these groups…. Is he correct in saying it’s “justifiable” to physically attack them for their views?  If so, then he is no friend to freedom in general, nor to free speech in specific.

Most Americans, including me, abhor the ideologies of white supremacy, Nazism, and the KKK.  But if a nation truly wants free speech, then even those we abhor must be allowed to speak their mind.  There is no need to pass laws protecting polite speech.  It is the very thoughts and words of those we vociferously disagree with that must be protected.  Otherwise, there is no freedom at all.  Only a rotating cycle of dictatorships, who suppress the people they conquer.  And any U.S. Senator who encourages violence against anyone for their political views is a part of the problem and not the solution.  While Rubio may rail against Castro, his views toward free speech are identical.  He may rail against Adolph Hitter, but his views on free speech are no different.

Rubio is a political hound dog, who lifts his nose to try and sniff which way the popular winds are blowing.  And then he (or one of his lackeys) issues a tweet to kiss-up to the mobs he wishes to appease.  Rubio has always been a political robot, seemingly incapable of generating a unique thought.  This was publicly displayed in that infamous, cringe-worthy presidential debate when Chris Christie tried to engage him in an actual exchange of ideas, and Rubio began sweating profusely and repeating his talking points.  Over and over and over.  The moment exposed him for the phony that he is and almost ruined his political career.  But now, he smells an opportunity to rally the mob and save his career.  His actions are truly deplorable.

Sadly, many in this country would side with Rubio and say violence and laws should be enacted to silence “hate speech.”  One of the questions this leads to is, “How do you define hate speech?”  People, with their selfish natures, typically define “hate speech” as anything uttered that they disagree with.  This leads to a person’s thoughts being criminalized.  For example, if I think or speak in favor of Christianity, then non-Christians can deem this “hate speech.”  Of course the same goes for any other viewpoint that might be expressed.  Those in power use the power of intimidation and law to silence opposition.  This is what Rubio declares “justifiable.”  And the use of baseball bats and clubs are acceptable.

As it pertains to “symbols” some say the mere presence of a Nazi flag, or a Confederate one, justifies violence.  Many have shockingly said that showing a symbol is “inciting a riot” and inviting violence against the symbol-wavers, for their views.  But this is a slippery slope that all freedom-loving people should avoid.  This past week, a man of German origin told me that he had family members killed by the Nazis.  Therefore, any violence carried out against those who wave a Nazi-flag is justified.  While I have no sympathy toward Nazis, my argument back to him was that I had Southern family members killed by men carrying the American flag during the Civil War.  Does this mean I can physically attack anyone who waves an American flag?  Politicians like Rubio would never say this, because he’s too busy wrapping himself in the flag as he tries to further his career.  But what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  If one group can physically attack another group over a symbol.  Then what stops the attacked group from reciprocating?  And using Rubio’s incendiary words as justification?

If people really want a “free country” like they claim they do, then political thoughts, speech, and symbols cannot be outlawed.  Nor can men as powerful as U.S. Senators justify violence against any group because of their views.  It’s become passé to call anyone who disagrees with you a Nazi.  In some cases, those who disagree with you truly are Nazis.  But in this case, Marco Rubio is displaying the philosophy of a Nazi.  If Rubio’s supporters truly want freedom, they will call him out for his incendiary comments.  They will stand up to him and others like him and say free speech, truly means “free speech.”  And they will look for ways to peacefully keep dictatorial men like him from seizing power.  Rubio loves to talk about how his family fled the tyranny of Castro’s Cuba to find freedom in America.  But today, Rubio’s political ambitions have caused him to revert back to the behavior that his ancestors fled.  Or maybe this has been Rubio’s mindset all along.  Evil men desire power for themselves more than they desire freedom for all.  And they will say and do whatever it takes to gain such power.  Rubio’s words expose him once again as what he truly is.  If encouraging mob violence furthers his career, then he’s all game.  Maybe instead of calling him “Little Marco” people should start calling him “Little Castro.”  A more fitting moniker could not be found.

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Jadidah Arar crossing receives last Iraqi pilgrims

Author: ARAB NEWSSun, 2017-08-20 03:00ID: 1503173484036197900ARAR: The Jadidah Arar border crossing on the Saudi-Iraqi border on Friday received the last batch of Iraqi pilgrims.The number of Iraqi pilgrims who entered the Kingdom via this cr…

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